Declaration on open access for LIS authors

Inspired by the article Librarian, heal thyself: a scholarly communication analysis of LIS journals by Micah Vandegrift and Chealsye Bowley, I decided that we need to do more to create visible support for LIS authors to choose open access. There have been numerous declarations and petitions on open access which have done much to help define what it is and what steps we can take to make it a reality. I think that a similar declaration specific to academics and practitioners in the library and information professions would help to demonstrate commitment to the principles of open access.

So I’d like to announce the Declaration on open access for LIS authors. This is a working title for a work in progress – the text of the declaration is being crowdsourced and you can view it, comment on it, and change it here:

Here is the most recent version:

‘We believe that open access to publicly-funded research is a public good. In accordance with the many statements and understandings of open access, including especially the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, we affirm that the products of our scholarship – whether they are articles, data, software, OER, or other formats –  should be made openly accessible as a means to lead academic publishing into a better and more sustainable system.

As library and information professionals with a heritage of “access for all” we believe that our profession must live up to its ideals and principles of accessibility and information sharing. Therefore, we the undersigned, pledge to make ALL OF OUR WORK open access by all means possible, including especially placing versions of our work in institutional and disciplinary repositories, publishing in open access journals, retaining copyright to our work, and licensing our work for broad and expansive re-use using Creative Commons licenses (with a preference for CC-BY whenever possible).’

Thanks to Micah and Penny Andrews (and any anonymous contributors) for their comments, amendments, and re-drafting so far. If you are interested in this idea and would consider signing the declaration but have any questions or suggestions then please do make your voice heard on the Google doc.

UDPATE 29 May 2014

The declaration is now live!

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