influencing government policy

Yesterday I attended an event at my university, Birkbeck, called ‘Influencing Parliament and the policy process’. The main speaker was from Parliament’s outreach service and it was about how researchers can engage with the policy-making processes of Parliament and government in order to amplify the reach of their research. There was a wealth of useful information of which the following is a snapshot:

  • Select Committees are usually the best way to make your voice heard – find the one(s) most relevant to your area
  • Make contact with the staff who support Select Committees, not just the Members
  • The House of Commons library produce non-partisan advice for MPs on a wide range of subjects so make sure they are aware of your work
  • For proposed legislation, the committee stage is the time to submit written evidence

I’m currently working with colleagues on an article giving a systemic overview of scholarly publishing finances in the UK. When it’s finished I’ll be sure to test out some of these routes, primarily by sending a summary to the House of Commons library.

UPDATE: Sarah Foxen has written a more comprehensive guide Eight ways research gets into Parliament over at the LSE Impact blog.