Upgrading from MPhil to PhD

For my PhD at Birkbeck, all research students are initially enrolled as MPhil students and then apply to upgrade to PhD status when they are around half way through. The main requirement is that we submit 20,000 words of publishable-quality work.

I’ve applied for my upgrade this week so I thought I’d share here the documents needed for this, in case anyone is interested: a statement confirming I am the author of the work and it what it contains; a plan for completion describing each chapter and when I intend to complete them; and also the work itself. I submitted two pieces: an 18,000 word chapter entitled ‘Neoliberalism, Liberty and Openness‘, and also a short 3,000 extract on the history of public libraries and the role they have played in facilitating access to knowledge. This chapter is not available online yet because it has been accepted for publication in an edited collection and I am waiting to confirm the licensing details before I do. I fully intend to publish it with a CC0 license well before official publication.