Report on offset agreements: Year two

Last October I published the first of three annual reports evaluating the offset agreements negotiated by Jisc Collections with academic journal publishers. These agreements are designed to reduce the overall cost to academic libraries of supporting scholarly publishing by ‘offsetting’ the costs of journal subscriptions and open access article processing charges (APCs) against each other.

The second report is published today and it examines the six agreements that were in place throughout 2016: from Wiley, Springer, Taylor & Francis, SAGE, the Institute of Physics (IOP Publishing), and the Royal Society of Chemistry. It estimates that the total value of offset agreements to the UK’s higher education sector was £8m in 2016. This compares to £2.5m in 2015 and the difference is largely due to the introduction of the Springer offset agreement.

These reports are being written as part of the requirements for my PhD funding, which is partly funded by Jisc. The third report will be published in 2018, as will a final project report evaluating the success of offsetting as a concept up to that point.

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