Project proposal: Non-disclosure agreements in journal contracts

Contracts that academic libraries sign with publishers sometimes have non-disclosure agreements forbidding the library from publicly stating the price or terms of the contract. Along with my PhD supervisor Martin Eve, I recently submitted a short project proposal to a funding body to investigate the international usage of non-disclosure agreements in journal contracts. The funding […]

BIS Green Paper consultation response

The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills is currently undertaking a consultation on proposals for higher education reform in the UK, as outlined in November’s Green Paper: Fulfilling our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice. I’ve not been able to answer all 28 (!) questions  – see Martin Eve’s very thorough response for […]

BIS green paper

This morning the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills released a green paper on reforming higher education in the UK: Fulfilling our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice. Here is a round up of some initial reactions to it: The government’s press release: Farewell HEFCE, as government begins radical reforms on Research […]

influencing government policy

Yesterday I attended an event at my university, Birkbeck, called ‘Influencing Parliament and the policy process’. The main speaker was from Parliament’s outreach service and it was about how researchers can engage with the policy-making processes of Parliament and government in order to amplify the reach of their research. There was a wealth of useful […]

working in the open: software

Last night’s #radlibchat – a Twitter chat where we discuss issues in librarianship, prompted by a particular article – was about free and open source software (FOSS) and its relation to libraries (based on Gabriella Coleman’s article ‘Code is speech’). I thought I’d write a brief note here about how I’m using FOSS in my current work […]

Fee waivers for open access journals: CUP responds

Today my short article ‘Fee waivers for open access articles‘ was published in Publications. Matthew Day, Head of Open and Data Publishing at Cambridge University Press, has been in touch with me to state that their current position is different to that represented by the article: ‘I was pleased to read your article looking at […]

working in the open

In September this year I will begin a PhD in the politics of open access at Birkbeck, University of London with Martin Eve as my supervisor. Over the next three years I aim to blog in detail about the actual content of the research but first I’d like to talk briefly about the open research […]