Here is some of the work I’ve been doing to encourage the release of open data about the scholarly communication system. For context, see this article in Open Library of Humanities:

Subscription costs

The amount of money that higher education institutions pay for journal subscriptions is often difficult to find out. Through using Freedom of Information legislation significant amounts of data is now openly available. The following dataset contains the expenditure of over 150 UK higher education institutions with ten of the largest publishers from 2010-19.

This dataset combines three earlier datasets, which were published here:

See also: Lawson, S. and Meghreblian, B. (2014) Journal subscription expenditure of UK higher education institutions. F1000Research. DOI: [data article] [Press: Informed, LSE Impact blog, Times Higher Education, The Guardian]

A list of similar data available from other nations is provided in this blog post.

Article processing charges

Article processing charges (APCs) are fees which are sometimes paid in order to make research open access. In order to ensure transparency, the amounts which are paid for these need to be public knowledge. Many higher education institutions, particularly in the UK, have released open data on their APC expenditure.

See also: Lawson, S. (2015) Article processing charges paid by 25 UK universities in 2014. Journal of Open Humanities Data, 1. DOI: [data article]